Accelerated Learning & Living

The Ilse J. Oetiker Accelerated Learning & Living Program (A.L.L.) is a transitional housing program for families.  A.L.L. offers homeless families up to 18 months of housing in an apartment building. During that time, parents must attend school to complete a degree or earn a certificate, enabling them to step into a career to support the family. We help parents by offering subsidized rent, and assistance with tuition, transportation, textbooks, and offering case management and childcare.

A.L.L. began in 1997 and has graduated 1,700, in all. In 2015, over 74 percent (1,260) of the program’s graduates became socially and financially independent, and 83 percent attained at least two of the individual/family goals developed through the case management process.  One program graduate, a single mother with a young son, subsequently earned her Master’s Degree in Education and became a San Pedro homeowner. Another mother (of four) left A.L.L. with an Associate’s Degree from Harbor College and transferred to UC Berkeley on a full scholarship. A.L.L. has taken hundreds of homeless and working poor individuals and given them space and support to become teachers, nurses, social workers, counselors, and skilled technicians, providing examples for their children and contributing to their communities.

For more information, call 310-831-85729.