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Harbor Interfaith Fund A Need

You know how much you spend every time you go to the grocery or one of the big-box stores. Just keeping your family stocked up on the basics adds up very quickly.

So you can imagine the challenge we face at Harbor Interfaith Services, where we provide emergency food and essential services to over 18,000 homeless and working poor people each year.

Yes, we have a beautiful new building, but we still need your help—now more than ever before—to help families get on the path to self-sufficiency.

It’s the little things that make a difference—a bag of groceries, a bottle of shampoo, a new pair of socks.  So take a look at the shopping list here and consider making a donation that will have an impact in the life of a very real person.

Whether you purchase a case of peanut butter or a ream of paper for the computer lab, your generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you


Help Me Succeed In School
Help Put A Roof Over My Head
Help Me Keep The Lights On