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About the Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is the point of entry to all of HIS services. Homeless and working poor families and individuals benefit from the following program:

FISH -The agency food pantry follows the philosophy if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man how to fish you feed him for a lifetime.   Through FISH, clients can receive a three-day supply of groceries, donated clothing, personal hygiene items; shampoo, deodorant, diapers, toothbrush and toothpaste. The FISH program operates with the help of more than 75 volunteers.

Through the FISH program, case advocates work one-on-one with clients to provide guidance and referrals for housing, job placement, public benefits, medical services, counseling and other support services including one-time rental assistance and help with utility cost.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, FISH provides approximately 700 holiday meal baskets and gifts for families and individuals in need.

HOPE-(Having Opportunities and Producing Excellence) for seniors program serves clients who are 55 and over. They receive monthly groceries and hygiene products. Groceries may be delivered to those that are homebound. Transportation is also provided to and from Harbor Interfaith for those requiring assistance.

The Family Resource Center also provides supportive services to include:

-Comprehensive needs assessments
-Quarterly health and vision exams
-Help with public benefits (including Medical and Medicare)
-Assistance with finding housing and employment

Program Requirements

To apply for services you must be a resident of the South Bay area of Los Angeles which includes San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City, Lomita, Torrance, Harbor Gateway, and Long Beach.

Household income cannot exceed the Federal Poverty Income Guideline:

Size of Family Yearly Income Monthly Income
1 $11,770 $980.83
2 $15,930 $1,327.50
3 $20,090 $1,674.17
4 $24,250 $2,020.83
5 $28,410 $2,367.50
6 $32,570 $2,714.17
7 $36,730 $3,060.83
8 $40,890 $3,407.50


Intake Process

The intake process consists of the following:
  • Walk ins~ no appointment necessary

  • Complete program application

  • Meet with a case advocate

  • Submit copies of the required documents for each member in the household

  • Review and agree to the agency Information on the Food Policy and Code of Conduct.

Program Requirements

  • Application

  • Drivers License or State Identification for all adults
  • Income verification
    - Pay stub
    - Letter from employer
    - Notice of Action

  • Proof of residency
    - Rental agreement
    - Utility bill

  • Verification of family size
    - Birth certificate
    - Social security card

Stop Hunger Now

More than 20,000 households In the South Bay area of Los Angeles are considered "food insufficient," which means the household runs out of money for healthy meals prior to the end of each month. Seniors often must choose between paying for prescriptions and putting food on the table. Mothers often go to bed hungry because they put their children first.
The Stop Hunger Now program provides outreach and nutritional education to low income families while helping them to sign up for food stamps.

Program Locations: (Scroll over location for address)

Saint Margaret Mary Church

Harbor Interfaith Services

Harbor WorkSource

WIC Torrance

WIC Wilmington

WIC San Pedro

WIC Gardena

WIC Carson

Wilmington Senior Center

Volunteer of America